Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Honey Bun day 19-Tuesday 9/8/15

Today we worked in the rain. I started out with yielding hindquarters, she did really well. She is at level two in yielding hindquarters. Then I did lunging for respect one and two and she did real good with those. Then I did some backing with the tapping the air and wiggle and whack. Her backing with marching was good and with hand in the lead rope was good. I did some sanding and circling exercises around the boat and the trailer she did fine with those. Then I got the flag out and the black plastic bag and the noise bag. Those went well.

Then I settled her up and when I started to move her out in lunging she really started the buck. I don't know what it was that caused her to buck. It might've been the back cinch bothering her. But I kept changing her direction and she quit bucking. I tightened the cinch and then walked her into the arena and got on. We trotted around did some disengaging and then a little cantering with disengaging. Then we rode into the pasture and I started driving around and doing some yielding of the hindquarters. We also did the cruising lesson and the diagonal lesson just trying to get her to follow your nose and stay between my legs or rather my Reins. Then I did this at the canter in both directions she did really good considering it was raining pretty good. I open the gate and we rode around the barn doing a lot of yelling the hindquarters direction changes just keeping your mind on me we went around the track at a walk-in and then at each corner did bending exercise. then we did it at a trot. We cantered around the barn a couple times I did some bending exercises with her. We also did bending at the walking and bending transitions I worked on flexion at a standstill. And draw to a stop she did really well. there were a few hiccups, but that is to be expected. I did some flexing with her and then we quit.

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