Saturday, September 5, 2015

Honey Bun day 17-Saturday 9/5/15

Today I didn't bother trying to saddle first. Instead, I went right into the GW to see where she was at on all of them. The ones she really needs more work are the Flexion-She now has taken to want to YH instead of stand for the flexing. So we had to work through that. Her YH is very good. Her back ups in all styles are real good. She could put some more energy into them, but she knows what is being asked. her LR 1,2 are excellent as is her Circling and sending. She went over the platform without hesitation. She stands real quiet with the desensitizing.
In the riding part of it, I did the flexing and again she didn't want to just stand and flex. She kept YH which on the one hand is good, but not when I am not asking for that. So I had to work through that with her. Then I did the cruising for 10 minutes at the trot. She didn't try to slow down much and only moved into a canter once. I gave her a rest then went into one rein stops. She has been very heavy on this. So I wanted to work towards getting her real soft. I think she made some good improvement and didn't want to keep walking after she stopped her feet and was soft. We went through this several times and then moved up to a canter. My goal here was to have canter 5 laps of the arena in each direction without slowing. She did fine in the right lead, but her left lead she didn't want to keep going. So I had to use my Mecate a few times and then she didn't try to slow down. So she was just getting lazy there. She doesn't like to go into the left lead. Then  let her rest and went to yielding Hindquarters at a standstill. She is catching on to this. After that we went through some bending exercises at the walk to help her cool down and did some flexing at a standstill too. Then I put her up .

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