Saturday, September 5, 2015

Honey Bun day 16-Friday 9/4/15

I had her owner over to show her where she was at in her training. I had a bit of a dust up with Honey when I tried to saddle her and she didn't want to stand. The saddle fell off when she kept trying to back up. I should have quit the saddling and did some GW and then went back to saddling. However, I did not do that. So when the saddle fell off I left it lie and backed her up about fifty feet and did a bunch of changing of directions while lunging. Then went back to saddle her and she stood fine. Then I went through all the GW exercises for her owner. She did pretty good. I wouldn't say that she passed with flying colors but she did fine. Then I rode her for the last half of the session. I went through cruising, follow the fence, a bit of diagonal. I mainly wanted to work on her YH because she has been real heavy. So I worked her several times until I started to feel some softness coming through then went on to walk, trot and canter her. she did real good most of the time. I think her owner is quite pleased with how things are progressing.

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