Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Honey Bun day 20- Wednesday 9/9/15

 Today I started out with her on the groundwork. I did flexion on both sides and she did well. I also Did yield the hindquarters. She is really good at this exercise. I also did some yield the forequarters. She is getting better, but still needs work. We went through all of the backing exercises. I think she needs to add some energy. She also has a problem staying straight. It could be that I am asking her to back too fast. I did the circling and sending all around the barn yard. I sacked her out again to the flag and bags. Then I saddled her. No bucking today. After flexing and some touch and rub I got on her. Flexed some more. She is real heavy going from one side to the other. I also did some YH and one rein stops. Then we trotted doing diagonals from point to point. She made some improvement from yesterday. Then I trotted her around the track for about a mile, stopping at the corners to do some bending transitions. Then we cantered about two miles or more. Just trying to get her relaxed. She was getting into a nice rhythm. Then some more bending transitions and one rein stops. Then it was gime to quit.

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