Saturday, October 16, 2010


Wondering about the title? Just you try coming up with something unique when you are talking about a similar topic.  Anyway, I am even more impressed then I was yesterday. Today, I worked with Camina warming her up and her softness was fantastic on the lead line. Then I tried a different bit, one that has copper mouth pieces. She accepted this real well. If she didn't do any better with this I was going to try a sidepull bridle. As it was I didn't need to. I had her doing real well on moving every part of her body with softness. Oh, there were a few times when there was some resistance, but not much and I just added my leg and she followed through. I can get her to move her shoulders and her hips while she is straight and not bent. She is getting off my leg/ie. moving away from my leg pressure and is giving me real good stops and back ups with collection and softness. I even tried her doing leg yields and those were ok. We will start doing them more and more.
I also had the opportunity this afternoon to ride both Raven and Jake. They both did well. I don't think I can remember having so much fun riding horses as I am having at this stage of my horsemanship. There is nothing like having this kind of control and connection over the feet of a horse. There is nothing like it in my book.

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