Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's drill

Have you ever had a situation in which you wonder if the way you are doing something is ever going to work? Well, I have sorta had that with Camina. She knows to be soft, but yet persists in resisting me. She is really pulling against herself, but she doesn't seem to get it, or does she. Today I didn't let up on working her and making her know that I will not let up on pressure until she gives me what I want. So I walked her on the lunge than started her to trotting. We put ten minutes into this in both directions. I just kept her doing transitions and expecting the changes now not when she wants to.  Then I put her on the long line using the reins and bit as a martingale and running the line up through the reins and down to the bit. This gave the feel of contact on the bit but also let me use the long line as a rein as if I was on her back asking her to give to pessure.  This seemed to work pretty good. I had her walk, trot and canter and transition back down several times. Then switched sides and did the same thing. The last 15 minutes I rode her doing similar things. This time I got her to give me a canter 3-4 times and at least 4 strides, which was very good. I wrapped her session up with walking and working on disengagement and moving her shoulder over.  Finally, quitting when she gave me a stop and back up of at least 4 steps without using the rein. Wow. That was a huge stop. 
Looking forward to better things tomorrow.

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