Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Monday, Thursday

Ok, I better fill you in on what has been happening around here with Camina. Friday and Saturday I had good workouts with her. The usual stuff getting her warmed up and riding her around the arena attempting to get her to follow her nose even when she doesn't want too.
My big idea for Saturday was to introduce spurs to her because she really isn't getting off my leg when I ask her too. So I began by introducing them from the ground moving her shoulder and hips by using the spur where it would be if I was on her back. Then when I was comfortable with knowing that she probably wouldn't buck if I touched her with one I got on her and began to apply them as needed. She still really wasn't getting off my leg like I wanted her too.
Now we come to Monday. I did my ground work with her and things seemed to go well. I got on her back and started to work with her and it was the same old thing. There was added pressure because the farrier was there and horses were coming in and out and he was doing his work. But she responded ok paying attention to me. Nevertheless, she still was being stubbornly resistance to my leg and rein etc. Towards the end of the session though we had what I would call a mini breakthrough. A horse distracted her and she whinned and when she did that I started disengaging her hindquarters then when I felt her shoulder begin to move I pushed it through and we just played move the hip move the shoulder move the hip move the shoulder game to the right, then back to the left. When I finished with that she was alot softer. I backed her up with softness and then quit her.
Later that evening I called Jaime, my instructor and asked him about the situation and through my conversation with him I picked up on some things to try. So I tried them first on my horses on Monday and Tuesday evening and they worked. What was it? It was getting the reins connected to the feet by doing more of what I did with Camina at the end of Monday's session.
So I was eager to try it on Camina today. I got her saddled and then I wanted to test her to see how soft she was with the lead. Could I have float in the line when I did the falling leaf or disengagement? I did. I could move her all over with float in the line using the lead and halter. So why can't I with the bridle and rein? I first used the stirrup rythmically on her elbow to get her to move her shoulder then on her side where I would put my heal to move her hip. When I could move that pretty good on one side from the ground I switched sides and did the same thing. Then I added the bridle and did it over again only asking for movement with the rein then if needed, and she did, I added the stirrup in the appropriate place. When she was doing that pretty good I got on her and started moving her around looking for softness, but movement of the feet in whatever direction I asked. If she didn't give it too me I bent her more and then added my heel/spur in the appropriate place and released when she gave me what she wanted. I worked at this about 10 to 15 minutes and was off to a good start. She is moving better with the rein and off my leg too. There were a few times when I was bumping her elbow that she kicked out and didn't like it but she moved her shoulder like I asked. Before I was done she was moving everything much better. I am excited to work with her tomorrow and see where we can get too.

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