Monday, October 25, 2010

warm day

It is a beautiful day out there today. This morning I had a chance to work with Camina. She did really well I thought. She is making progress. She kicked out a few times when I was making her move her shoulders to the right, but she soon settled down and started giving me her feet when I picked up a rein. I worked on transitions with her going from walk to trot and back to trot. She did okay at it, needs more work. She is not bothered so much with the bit either. I had her stopping and backing and moving her shoulders. I worked some on keeping her straight while moving her hip and shoulders. I also worked her moving forward with shape and softness. I got a few leg yields too. Next time I am planning to work on getting her to canter and then also start working on moving off my leg for leg yields and side passing. Well, I gotta get back to work on other things. I will keep you updated in a few days.

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