Monday, October 18, 2010

Camina again

Things just keep getting better with her. She is softer than ever. I did my usual warmup with her and she responded well. I got on her and she again did very well, making improvements every time I get on her. I decided to increase the speed with which I am asking her for things. So we got into a trot just to see if she would stay on the circle and respond to the rein and leg cues. We worked on this transition a few times and I think she did well. I am sure we will continue to make improvements. I had stopped her and let her stand until she moved than over corrected her and let her stand again until she did the same thing and I over corrected her and then let her stand again. This time she didn't move for long enough. So I asked her to move off and I think she figures it was quitting time because she started to resist me and then I had to keep after her until she gave me softness again. It only took a few more minutes and she was soft again so I quit then. It was a good ride and next time we will do more trotting working on the true softness, resistance free riding.

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