Friday, October 15, 2010


All I can say is wow. Things are much better than they were even yesterday with her. I worked her from the ground a few minutes to see how soft and responsive she was then I got on her after a bit of a review with the stirrup and rein. What a change even since yesterday. I probably worked her about 30 minutes under saddle just picking up a rein softly and then adding my leg. She kicked out a few times but by the time we were done she was really getting soft and moving her shoulders and hips. She was tracking well. Her stops are even better and with collection though my hands are soft and quiet on her. Oh, she reverts back to resistance once in a while, but she is tons better even since yesterday and especially from Monday. Now I have only been doing this at the walk because I want this 100% before I go to the trot and work it out. My next step is to go back to the circle and see if she will stay on it. I expect a bit of blowing out one way or the other but hopefully it will be much better. I also started doing the serpentine with her and lo and behold she was collecting up with shape and following her nose nicely. Tomorrow should be even better.

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