Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, I thought I would let you know what is going on today. I was able to work with Camina today. It was a good day. She was responsive, but not as light as she was on Monday. I did some ground work with her to work on the lightness with her. I really upped the specificity of demand on her though. That is what might have made her a little more resistant. For example, where I was getting a disengagement from her wih one or two or three steps with softness I would let her up. But now I want a 360 degree with her inside front foot planted and I want it smooth or fluid not all jumpy. I also want it with softness. I didn't get it today. But that is where we are heading. The same with moving the shoulders and so on. I am upping my demands. When I got on her back she was doing pretty good. I needed to do some refreshing of her mind for her, of course. She actually wanted to trot right off so I let her, but when she wanted to slow down, I didn't let her. I pushed her to keep trotting. Then we went to work on getting those feet connected to the rein much better doing it at a walk and a trot. She wasn't as good as Monday, but she has had two days off. I will work with her again on Saturday and see where we can get her.
On another note, I get the opportunity to work with Buddy, the horse I use for a school horse for my students. What I mean is, that he needs alot more work to get him where he needs to be so his owner, Andrea, wants me to work with him and ride him as if I was starting him. So basically, I am going to go back to the basics with him and start all over with him, myself. I will still use him with my students, but I will be putting alot more time with him. I am sure we can get him much better.

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