Thursday, October 28, 2010

worked with Camina

Had a good day working Camina this morning. I got her saddled and warmed her up with the usual exercises only now I am expecting alot more and much more fluid in movement through transitions. She did go though we have a ways to go.
My plan today was to see where she was at regarding connecting the reins to her feet at a walk and trot and then start asking for a canter. She seemed to go backwards a little bit which is common for a horse. It is also probably because I am not able to work her everyday so it has been a couple days since I last worked with her. Thus, there is a certain amount of time needed for refreshing her memory before we can move on to refining things better. It went pretty good for the most part. I was able to get her to canter at least 1/2 the length of the arena one time and then in bits and spurts the rest of the time. She does it without fuss from the ground so we will keep working at it in the saddle. I also got some sidepassing out of her too. I just have to keep getting that hip and the shoulders to move when I want them too.
We will continue to make progress.

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