Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday, we had a good session. I find that sometimes I am too intense about getting things done. So I backed off. I rubbed on Skye alot and then when I put the halter on we didn't go right to work. I walked him in big arcs back and forth and then would pet on him when he took some steps forward. He has a tendency to balk when going straight. He is small enough now where I can pull him, but that won't keep working. So walking in arcs and spiraling down to a small circle helps with this. He gets lots of rewards like rubbing and scratching. Then I started going through all the exercises he is learning: YH, YF, backup, lunging. He is making improvements everyday. I want him to always be facing me with two eyes. I picked up his feet some more and cleaned them out. I also started to flex him laterally. He is really soft on both sides, giving willing. That is a good sign. Today will be some more of all of that. I still need to figure out how to clean him up good. He is so caked with junk on his belly that he really needs to get cleaned up. I don't know if it will do alot of good for long since he lays down alot. I try to keep his stall clean with fresh straw/hay, but even then that doesn't stay clean long.

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