Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Another amazing day with the animals. I got Skye out and worked with him. We went through our exercises and he did pretty good with them. I then started to do the sending exercise and he went nuts on me. He just kept wanting to race back and forth. So I went back to YH stage 2 which is where he yields his hindquarters, but does so by swinging his butt away from me quickly and giving me two eyes. Then we went back to the sending and he made a good improvement. His backup is markedly better too. The farrier told me to start working with his front legs, stretching them forward more. He sees more problems with young horses not being willing to do this. So today we did and he seemed fine with it. He is fitting in pretty good here at our place. As far as the Arabs go, I worked with both of them today too. Moon,I spent probably 10 minutes in his stall, just watching him and getting two eyes on me. We didn't have the problem of going into the round pen today that we had yesterday. After taking in the pen I let him go and let him relax a bit. Then I took my stick and string and removed the string and put a plastic bag on it. I was hoping to get better forward out of him so that I could get better inside turns and get a draw on him sooner. Well, the bag worked. We got many good inside turns and when I gave him a chance to stop and rest he kept his eyes on me no matter where I was at. Then I asked him to start YH and spiraling out to see if that would draw him to take some steps toward me. It did. He was giving me 2-3 steps. I just kept working on this and whenever I couldn't get his attention I would move him off for a lap then ask him to give me two eyes and he would. What I would like is for him to so want to be next to me for rest that he at least walks fast all the way up to me. Ideally, a trot would be nice. But it will come. I spent the rest of the time working on that detail and letting him catch his breath next to me while left him alone or rubbed on him. I also started to brush him and then pick up his front feet. I got them cleaned out too. So Grand, I did a similar thing with him. I got him in the pen and let him go. He snooped around a bit and snorted a time or two, but when I introduced the plastic bag he was all ears and eyes. This went really well. I was getting inside turns quickly every quarter lap. It was like doing wind sprints for him I am sure. When I let him stop he faced me. I then went to work YH in both directions to keep his eye on me. However, after many starts and stops he still didn't take a step toward me. He mainly stepped back or just guarded himself. Sometimes he would block me with his shoulder and I would just push it (the air around it) and make him move his shoulder over. Then immediately ask for YH. Because this wasn't working to get him to follow me I put the lead rope on him and did the same thing with slack in the lead and he started to follow a step at first, then 2 or 3 steps. We did this for probably ten minutes and then I brushed him down as much as he would let me. He doesn't like me on his right side, but that is ok. I know what I need to work on with him.

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