Monday, November 12, 2012

Making progress

Both the Arabs did a good job today and made some progress. I started with Moonie and just had him doing the rd pen. I had him turning inside every time so we didn't do it alot. I still didn't really get him following me like I want but there was progress. I went through what he knows now and refined them more. He does the YH really sharp and even keeping his eyes on me like I want him too. Then I worked on picking up his feet. I cleaned out his front feet and then worked on picking up his hind feet. I got to the point where I can pick them up without too much fuss from him. Then I started to teach him the various ways to back up. Anytime he started backing crooked I just had to YH and he straightened out. He was backing real smartly for me. So Grand did just as well. I really get some good inside turns from him. Once I got ten in a row I went on to the other things. He also doesn't follow me well so I put the lead on him and mimicked him YH and then follow with slack in the line. I don't want to pull or drag him at all. I also had him YH really good. His back up in the various methods was excellent for the first time working on them. I am having a bit harder time with picking up his feet that is for sure. I barely got to the place where he would let me pick up his front feet. He did but it was all he could do to trust me enough to pick them up. Skye showed alot improvement since last time. I am getting a good YH so that he keeps his eyes on me. That is good when I lunge for respect 1 and 2. He is pretty calm throughout. I know when I first started to lunge him he kicked out at me so I just made him go faster several laps and then turned him in the other direction and got a real good turn. I started to work on the sending exercise and he showed he could do that relaxed. I also went through all the exercises he knows to this point. Then I added circling. Now here he tried a couple times to push into me and maybe get a kick in so I just moved him farther out. I had him backing really good and then to end the session I had him kneel 4 times. Good job for Skye.

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