Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yesterday I wanted to try something with the arabs. You see I haven't been able to keep them cantering in the rd pen. One thing the dirt is a little deep, and their feet aren't in the best shape. Which is one of the reasons I am working with them, so we can get them used to having their feet handled and trimmed. But anyway, a thought came to me to ask them to canter and only have them do it for a stride or two and then build off of that. So last night that is what I did with them. I wanted them to trot and canter when asked. That is what we worked towards. Then I took them both through the exercises they know and I added moving the shoulders (YF). Both of them did well on one side, but the other they did not want to yield. And since the front end of a horse is what they use to push other horses around this was an important move I needed to establish with them. Both of them finally were being more consistent with YF. So that I where I quit with them. I am also working at picking up their feet. Moonie does pretty good at it on the front end. The hind feet are a little more difficult. So Grand is another story. He isn't ready to at all. I am at the point where he will stand and let me touch his front hooves and pick them up for a second. So we have to really work on this more.

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