Thursday, November 8, 2012

Got to work with the Arabs today. I got Moonie in the pen and worked him on inside turns and drawing to me. He is getting it. He consistently gives me the inside turns, but doesn't hustle to me in the center like I would like him to. I kept working him at it though. I want him to crave being next to me. He was giving me his eyes and even offering to turn into me as though he was asking me to let him do that. So I started waiting for him to ask then let him turn into me but he really wouldn't come all the way and commit to walking to me. On the other hand, I would ask him to yeild his hindquarters and when he did start arcing away from him and he would takes some steps to follow. I think the most I got was 3 steps. But that is a good start. I put the halter on him and started desensitizing him to the lead and then the stick and string. He didn't give me too much trouble on either side to those things. Even when I was slapping the string against the ground he was soon ok with that. When I took the halter off I went to hook the other lead on him and wanted to play catch me. So I made him want to catch me and when he did I hooked the halter on and took him back to his stall. So Grand was pretty good too. Unlike Moonie, he keeps his head bent toward me from either side. He is so pretty moving with his neck all bowed and his tail lifted and that nice trot he has. He also gives me real crisp and snappy turns to the inside. Moonie is more about what is out there rather than being focused really on me. Anyway, I did some real fast turns with Grand and then long times next to me. I worked on YH with him to attempt to draw him to me, but he would't shift his feet a step back really guarding himself. So I helped him out a bit by putting my halter on him and the lead and leading him around in arcs back and forth and when he took a step then two then three I would give him rests. I also desensitized him to the lead and stick and string. Tomorrow I hope to progress to YH with lead and maybe some backups. We will see. Skye did real good tonight too. I got him out and went through my usual routine. Then I started to work on sending again but it wasn't going to good so I went back to YH stage 2 and then did some lunging. He really kicked out at me so I made him move alot faster in circles for probably 10 laps then slowed him down changed directions and made him go again. Then I let him rest. I want him to know that kind of attitude and behavior is not acceptable. I then went back to sending him and he was a much better student. I picked up his feet and cleaned them and stretched his front legs like the farrier said. I finished up by having him kneel in preparation for laying him down. He kneeled five times for me and we quit. He is a good little guy when he has his attitude right.

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