Friday, November 2, 2012

another yesterday

I forgot to record what I did with Skye yesterday, Thursday. I again approached things real soft and easy. He is facing me now which is good. I reviewed everything that he has learned thus far. Then we moved on to more flexing and then to sending which is merely sending him on a circle and then changing directions, but to do that he has to disengage his hindquarters and then move his shoulders over then go in the new direction. He will get the hang of it before long. I can tell he is getting it because when I move into his stall and he looks at me I just have to look at his butt and he moves it over and faces me. Then I go in. I also worked my horses on ground work going through all 13 exercises and then did the intermediate exercises (16 of them). It was interesting as I watched Raven and Skye across the fence, it was like Raven just wants to take care of him. If it wasn't so late I would have put them in together. Jake and him just run up and down the fence with Jake acting like he wants to bite him. I hesitate to put the horses together, but Skye needs to learn manners from the other members of the herd. So today might be the day.

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