Saturday, November 3, 2012

skye 10

Well we had an interesting session because I let him get close to Jake and Raven. I worked him a bit first then took down the gate and walked him in their pen. I walked him all around it so he knows the boundaries. The interesting thing was he followed me with no problems. I walked him up to the other horses and they smelled and he did his funny mouthing that probably says, "don't hurt me, I am just a little guy." I kept him on the lead, but at the end of it. Jake went at him first. He kinda went at his butt and knocked him to the ground and then ran off. It didn't seem to phase Skye. Then it was Raven's turn. He was sniffing around her girth and then she gave him a good kind of a bite, but again it didn't hurt him or phase him. It is what horses do. Then it seemed that it was all over. Today I am going to do the same thing, only afterwards I am going to let him mingle with them free of me. I will just watch what happens. Ought to be interesting.

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