Monday, November 5, 2012

another arab

First of all, Skye handled the farrier well. Eric, my esteemed Farrier was not real excited about the new addition and needing to trim him. He said, babies are the hardest to trim. He has been kicked and bit by more babies than mature horses. So when he finished trimming Skye, he was impressed that he did so well. Skye didn't even so much as try to jerk his foot away. He wasn't the most comfortable, but he did well with it. Now he has clean feet, shots and ready to continue on. On another note, I started another Arab today. He is a 9 yr old gelding. I walked him to the rd pen and let him loose for few minutes to get used the pen. Then we started moving him out. He moved out willingly enough. I let him make a few laps then asked for a change in direction to the inside and he did it. It would be rather boring to describe the details, so suffice it to say, that he pooped out about an hour into it. He was giving me good inside turns but I could not draw him to me. (by the way I was tired too). So my task was to get him to face me and draw to me. But it didn't happen that way. After several good turns then he came to a point where he just wanted to stop. He was tired and needing some air. So I let him stop. However, I started to walk in an arc around him and ask for his hindquarters to yield and keep his eyes on me. He gave me that in one direction then we switched to the other direction. Before long he was YH all the way around in both directions. Then I started to make my arcs small and then when he took a forward step toward me I arced farther out. We did this about 30 minutes trying to get a good two or three steps toward me consistently. He gave it to me once or twice but that was all. At times I had to send him out again, but only for a lap or two a direction change then try all over again. For his first time in the rd pen, he got the concept of keeping two eyes on me and turning to the inside. Also an added bonus with the YH work. I was supposed to start another horse, but I was too tired after 1.5 hrs of working Moon. I wanted to be fresh with So Grand because he is a stallion. So tomorrow I will start with him and pick up where we left off with Moon.

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