Monday, November 5, 2012

Skye 11

Today I got to Skye early. He had a vet appt and so I wanted him well behaved for that. So I brushed him and took him in the other pen and desensitized him then went through YH, backups, YF. He did really good. Then I did some lungeing with him. He didn't like that at all, so I just worked him faster and did alot of direction changes until his attitude changed. He is getting better at direction changes and really moving out for me. I don't necessarily want him cantering all the time, but he will settle down as we go. Then I desensitized him with the stick and string again only this time I cracked it like a whip. He didn't like that at all. So I kept it up til he calmed down. It didn't take him but a few tries and he stood still while I cracked it. The other side (right) was even easier. Then I worked on sending him back and forth. To do this properly he has to go forward around me, then on cue YH and YF and rest. Then send in the other direction and do the same thing. This was his first time and we only had to work on it for a few minutes before he got the idea. Then I flexed him some and he does good at this too. Finally, I let him go in the pen with Raven and me and he didn't even go over to Raven, just walked down the fence. I followed him and then he hooked on to me and followed me as I showed him the fence row again so that he knows where it is at. The vet came shortly thereafter and he did good for her. He got his booster shots and flu. Next later today is the farrier.

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