Friday, October 16, 2009

Domino 10

Things went good today. I worked with him earlier at lunch 'cause I wanted to brush his mane. He wouldn't let me so I just kept moving him and finally he decided he would let me. Well when I went to get him for class he didn't cause me any trouble really. I saddled him and moved him in the round pen with my whip popper while my body was turned off. After about 10 laps he finally stopped and faced me. I quit popping. Then started this again. He moved but with each time he stopped sooner. After about 3-4 tries I could pop the whip all around him and he would just keep facing me and stand there. I worked on the basic exercises for a few minutes then took him out on the road, even down by the church at the busy highway and did the c pattern, leg yield, lunge, etc. I went through them all. He did pretty good and was quite relaxed when we got back in the pen. Then I put the bit on him and let him wear that for a few minutes, flexed him and got on. I rode about 20 minutes going through the transitions and that worked out real good. He is getting better and better. He seems to be pretty quiet. Probably in the next two rides I will be riding him on the road during each session.

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