Thursday, October 8, 2009

Domino 4

This was yesterdays result, but didn't have time to record it with Church last night.
Anyway, my rd pen is all wet in one section under water, but decided to work him in the pen anyway. He walks trots and trots walks no problem with must asking with body language. I worked on trying to get him to hook on to me. When I asked him he would give me both eyes and follow me, but wouldn't quite unlock his front end and follow me as much as I want. He protects his right side, giving me his left eye almost all the time. I worked on all the other components: lateral flexion, disengaging, backup, forward movement, shoulders, downward give to pressure at the poll. He is getting better and better each time. He is real soft on lateral flexion. I also worked on the Jeffries method of getting on his back bareback and just laying along his spine and rubbing him all over. He stood real good for that. I also am working hard on desensitizing him to the lead rope and stick and string. I want to flag him out real good and work on leg yields. I have done this a little bit a couple days ago. He didn't do too bad. He seems to be working out real good. I will introduce the saddle today and see how he takes accepts that. I also need to work on some other exercises like the c pattern exercise where I lunge him and then ask him to change directions a whole lot, making him turn on the hind quarters. It will be interesting to see how he turns out.
It was a nice day to work with him too. I worked with Raven for about 30 minutes as well. We worked on backing with my seat and legs and also stopping with my seat. She is getting better. We also worked on roll backs and what I call a counterbend backup on a circle.
The harmony that I want between me and my horses is such that I want it to almost be my thinking about what to do and the horse yields and accepts my leadership. That is the way I want it between me and the Lord too. But that cannot come if I don't spend time on the relationship with Him by reading and studying, praying, making sure I have a relationship with Him in the first place through faith in Jesus Christ.
I learned last night at prayer meeting there is a young man, mid 20's who just found out that he doesn't have long to live and the docs are amazed that he is still alive, and surgery is not possible. So what do you think he did? He went home and is working on his relationship with the Lord. Nothing like news like that to get your priorities straight. Truth is we all have an expiration date. He just has benefit of knowing more acutely when his is. What about us? Where are our priorities?

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