Thursday, October 29, 2009

Domino 18

Well we had a great session today. I did the rd pen work without the pen as we did the other day. The transitions went real good he even stayed in the canter longer for me which is great. He stood quiet when I sacked him out with the tarp, umbrella and whip again. A few times he got distracted by a student of mine who was watching, but each time he wandered her direction I got him back until finally he just payed attention to me and stayed on the circle. We did this both directions and he did good. Then while the tarp laid on the ground he was distracted by that a bit and I had to get him over that but again he got his attention on me. This is fun stuff. I saddled him and took him in the yard and rode him around we did some backups with light pressure of seat, leg and rein, some disengagements and tried to get good forward motion and transitions there. He is making improvements everyday. His lateral flexion is better and his leg yield and half pass is catching on too. I need to transfer those two to the saddle yet, but we have plenty of time for that. This was his 13th ride and he is getting better and better. Tomorrow, weather permitting I hope to have an even better session. See ya!

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