Sunday, October 11, 2009

Domino 6

Sorry about that. Hey, does anyone read this blog. Just wondering cuz I never get any responses to let me know if there is life out there. Anyway per chance there is life out there here is the latest on Domino.
This occured yesterday about 3pm.
My rd pen is basically all mud and water, but we worked anyway. Just more of the same working on lateral flexion, disengaging, moving his shoulders over, backup, downward pressure. He is making improvements everyday. He is getting sharper and quicker on his responses. I am working hard on desensitizing him so I got the flag out and did that until he relaxed. Then I got my whip out that pops when I crack it just right. He didn't like that so I just kept at it until he stood relaxed when I did it from either side. I did the Jeffries method again, no problem. Then I got the saddle out and he stood to let me put that on him. He is so fat that when I cinched him up he had rolls of fat on both sides of the girth. I worked on the c-pattern exercise and the squeeze exercise and he does that smoothly. He didn't like it when I flapped the stirrups so I kept at it on the one side until he relaxed then did it some more until he was ok with it. On the other side he was not nearly as touchy. Then I went ahead and got part way on and petted him all over flapping the offside stirrup. I did this from both sides making sure he was relaxed with that. Then I swung my leg over and moved all over him. Finally, I asked him to move off disengaging the hindquarters and then got off. I did this from both sides and by that time my hour was up so I flexed him and desensitized him and quit.
We are making progress here. I plan to ride him more with forward movement tomorrow and see how he does.
Well that is all for today.

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