Thursday, October 8, 2009

Domino 5

Had a smooth training session with Domino. I worked with him on the backup, disengaging and lateral flexion which he is real soft at. I then used the Jeffries method from both sides which he stood real calm for. Then I decided to flag him out with the stick and string and stick and plastic bag. He stood pretty good for the stick and string. He is making improvement there. The bag is another story. He moved quite bit. I found his ticklish spot right behind is elbow where the girth goes. I also found out that he will leg yield in a circle really good. By the time I was done with the flagging out he was standing calm. I then worked on the c pattern exercise changing directions several times until that was almost to the point of being feather lite. Then while lunging him I was paying attention to his carrying his head to the inside and calm, not high. He is so responsive that I could raise and lower his head to the position I wanted just by raising my driving arm. Another thing I noticed is that he already carries his head with some collection depending on the speed and my body position. That is real good. I didn't put a saddle on him. That will be tomorrow and I didn't rd pen him, just didn't have time. I did do what is called the squeeze game where he goes between me and the fence at a distance then with every pass back and forth where he has to go forward, disengage the hind quarters and move his shoulders over then goes back between me and the fence the space gets narrower with each time. He did real good. Then I also worked on leg yields with him and he does pretty good at that. Tomorrow will be more tests for him. more flaggin out and desensitizing. Then I mght get on him. He seems calm with the Jeffries method. So we will see.
If you think of it pray for the Dean Arnold family (they come to our church off and on) as they lost a 3 year old boy in a house fire last night. His five yr old sister has severe burns on parts of her body and is in the Hospital at this time. Fortunately the family as more family right next door so they have a place to stay, but their home is a total loss.
Sharon said it is time to eat so gotta go.
God bless

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