Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Domino 17

Had a good workout with Domino. I wanted to see what he would do if I just rd penned him without a round pen. So I got my sticks and went to work. First he came right up to me when I went into his pen. So I rubbed on him a bunch. Then we went to work. I moved him in one direction in a circle. Remember I didn't have a circle to keep him in. This would be just body language and trust in me. He got out of it at first but I went after him and got him back on the circle. I just had to keep my body position in the right place. My hip lined up with his and my feet pointed in the same direction as his, just like I was riding him. Once I got that I then started to ask for transitions to walk, cause he was trotting at this time. Then back up to trot. He did that a few times then gave the signs of submission so I pulled his eye and pushed is rear over. He looked at me and I stopped and rubbed him on that side. We then did it again and I wanted to move up to trot and canter. He did it but would only hold the canter for a few strides, but I took it. Then back to walk and pulled his eye and pushed his butt and then rubbed him. Then we did the other side with the same results. I then cracked the whip, he stood, no lead on him at all. Then the flag, same thing. Then the umbrella. He let me do it a little, but then I moved around with it open and he started following me. Then the tarp, same good results. I am surprised though that things out on the road and trail bother him so much. One good thing though, he has been taught to spook in place when something scares him. If he would have ran yesterday when he did a 180 I probably would have come off, but he just turned about and stood while I got reseated. Anyway, we got saddled and went out in the yard and worked on backup, shoulders, disengagement, leg yields which he is making improvements on. The lateral flexion he still braces some, but he is not throwing his head much at all now, which is good. He braces when we are moving forward under saddle, but he is getting softer there. We worked on the one rein stop and disengaging from saddle, moving up and down the road. He is getting used to it, but is certainly not ready for the main thoroughfare yet. I don't know if he will be after his time is up. It will just take time and lots of rides. Anyway the day was good, we ended with a good stop and lateral flexion. End softly is the best way to end anything don't you think?

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