Monday, October 12, 2009

Domino 7

Had to good workout with him today before the funeral I had. I worked him on all the foundational components as before then saddled him. He stands good for that. Then moved him around the rd. pen in order to check transitions walk trot canter and back down. He did good. I was trying to get him to hook on to me and really buy into my leadership. He hadn't done that yet. So I really worked at with him. Finally his front end broke free when I would let him stop and face me. When I moved off side to side from him I wanted his eyes on me but also to start moving his front feet toward me following me. Finally after several tries he began to follow. I let him stop and I got on him from both sides. Then my farrier arrived to trim Jake so Domino got a 1/2 hour break or so. Then I we got back to work but he didn't want to let me put the halter back on him. So I moved him around the pen a few times and finally he hooked back on and I haltered him. I really wanted to do more sacking out with items. I used my whip that pops, flagged him out more and then had a plastic feed bag I shook and rubbed all over him. He stands pretty good and is getting alot better. My time was up so I flexed him laterally a few more times, unsaddled brushed him and backed him through the gate and quit. He did fine.
The weather held for the funeral too. I hope it doesn't rain for a while so I can really get some use out the round pen. From here on out I will be riding Domino every time I work with him.

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