Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Domino 12

Hey, what a day. It was so nice to work outside this afternoon with him. His owner Lou wanted to see the progress so he came over and I put Domino through everything that I have taught him. He didn't want to be caught but it didn't take long at all and he walked up to me. He still protects his right side, but we will work on that. I saddled him and started working on the different components, backup, shoulders over, disengagement, leg yield (which he is doing pretty good at), stop. I flagged him out and tarped him out and had him walk over the tarp. He is getting calm. I cracked the whip and he did real good. Then I rode him around asking for trot, softness laterally and so on. Then I took him out on the road and for the first time rode him out there. He did good. I can see that he doesn't want to go too far from the others though. I will need to work on that. I did several exercises out there. We had some cars go by and a semi came up to us and put his air brakes on. Domino handled all that pretty good. I will be working him a little in the round pen and the rest out on the road from here on out. For having about 14 hours of work on him he is doing real good. But he does have a long way to go before he goes home.
Well gotta go get ready for the rest of my day.

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