Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Domino 8

I worked with him over lunch today. I got him in the rd. pen and saddled him. He stands good for that. Then I worked on the backup, disengaging, shoulders, lateral flexion etc. like usual. He is steadily improving. Then I sent him around the pen without halter and worked on the transitions. He does real good at upwards and downwards transitions. He doesn't like the wet muddy spots but he still goes through. I wanted him to hook on and he did. Whenever he stops and faces me he likes to protect his right side by always giving me he left eye. But I let him rest with me on his right. I sacked him out a bit more with whip cracking and stick and string. He stood real quiet. I can't do enough desensitizing. Then I put the halter back on and mounted him. He gave me forward motion real easy, walking pretty fast. He didn't like to give me a trot though. I think because of the mud, he slipped once today without me on his back, he didn't really want to go through that. He would give me a few steps though. It could also be saddle fit or the fact that he is not used to carrying someone. But he did real good. I ran out of time so got off and worked on squeeze game and leg yields. Again, he is getting lots better. He is almost ready to be taken out on the road. Maybe by Friday or Monday of next week we will be going down the road. Before I do it horseback though I will be doing all these exercises out on the road from the ground in the areas we will be going. Nothing wrong with making as sure as possible about safety. Mine and His.

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