Monday, November 2, 2009

domino 20

well I wanted to really get some progress today, but it was not to be. I got in the pen and first it took me a few minutes, ie. a few times around the pen, to get him to catch me. Then I saddled him and began to rd pen him in his pen. He did good on his transitions going to the left, but to the right he didn't want to slow down. I worked him about 15 minutes as I wanted to ride most of my time with him. So I got on him and just wanted good forward motion on a loose rein. I don't want to have to direct him too much with the rein because he is so bracey. Nevertheless I still had to use the rein to direct him. I could get a trot but couldn't keep him on the circle like I can from the ground. I worked a lot on lateral flexion at the walk, then the trot. He got into a canter and took a few strides, I let him stop because of that. You know reward the slightest try. After about 20 minutes of this I took him out on the road and moved him around. We went down the road and I got better forward motion, but he doesn't want to pay attention to the rein and follow his nose. So I worked on that going down the road. I had to basically fight him for a half mile 'cause he didn't want to leave. But a few times on the way back he would really step out, but then wouldn't listen to the rein when I wanted to direct him to the side of the road, he would just keep going towards home with his head bent to the side. That is not what I want. I just have to keep working on this with him. He stops ok and disengages alright, he is just stiff on the lateral flexion. I am getting a backup with my seat and a little bit of rein and that is getting better, but I really want more from him regarding the lateral flexion with forward motion. He does ok with lat. flex, at a standstill though. Anyway he is doing ok abut I want more from him. I am thinking of laying him down to see if that will help. I will work him tomorrow and see what happens. His owner is coming on Wed. to watch me work with him and start to learn some of this stuff. I only have 9-10 more rides on him and I hope to really make some more progress.
I road Raven later this evening and it is like night and day on her. I love riding her and the soft responses I get from her, but I gotta remember that Domino doesn't have the time on him that I have on her. I think he could go along ways and I could get him alot better over the next 2 weeks. Anyway gotta go the battery is about dead.

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