Monday, November 9, 2009

Domino 25

Rode with Lou today. I was trying to teach him the things he needs to know to continue with Domino next week. I had him use Jake 'cause he knows it already. So we worked on the components: backup, forward motion on lunge, shoulders and disengagement, lat. flexion. It takes alot of time to get it. I worked Domino demonstrating everything to him while he did it on Jake. Then we rode in the pen a little bit. To top it off we went across the road in an open area and he got used to Jake while I worked Domino. D still has alot braciness especially going to the right. I can stop him with my seat and back him and disengage him ok. Now the odd thing is that from the ground he is lat. soft, and even from saddle at a standstill he is pretty soft, but as soon as you start moving and he doesn't want to follow his nose he is very stiff. So I just hold the rein in position until he actually follows his nose then I release him. But it is not getting as soft as fast as I want him to be. I still do not have vertical flexion yet either. I have five more sessions with him before he goes home. It would be interesting to have him for 60 days and see where he is at. But not the case with him. Anyway today went pretty good all in all. Tomorrow we plan to ride more and actually go around the block over the water and through the woods before we are done.
Til next time.

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