Saturday, November 14, 2009

Domino 30

Hey, it was a great day to ride. Sunny, mid 50's in the middle of November what more can you ask. Lou and I loaded Domino and Jake about 9:30 am and headed to the trail head a couple miles away. We got there unloaded, tacked up, warmed them up and off we went. Jake was such a fast walker D kept having to trot to keep up. Both being TW's I would have thought they would have been equally gaited, but not so. We kicked up a deer and some hunters setting up camp with their Scotty who Jake took for what he must have thought was a bear. The Scotty was a little chunk of a dog, but its bark and movement through the grass scared the bejeebies out of Jake who decided moving sideways at sonic speed was the appropriate thing to do. fortunately, I knew the dog was there and was ready to stick lick fly strips to his back and disengaged him and commenced to puttin on the chase. Domino, i found out a few seconds later spooked a little but had some staying power. That was the excitement for the ride. We did almost 6 miles according to my good ole Garvin. I would have liked to stay and ride til dark but other chores called. It was alot of fun working with Domino and teaching Lou what to do. He will now be able to work with Domino on a daily basis and I am sure make an even better connection. This new area to ride is miles and miles of trails. So I am looking forward to riding it more.
Gotta get ready and reviewed for tomorrow.

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