Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Domino 26

Tried to get in to work with D early today before Lou got there, but that didn't happen. I really wanted more time on him, but maybe all will be well. I got him saddled and worked him at liberty for a few minutes getting him warmed up. Then had Lou get Jake ready and start to work with him some. After about 15 minutes we got on and rode in the pen. Then we went across the road and then around the block. I actually had a good ride on D. He responded well to me. There were a few times he was real bracey. I decided I was giving him too much slack when he didn't want to follow his nose so I gave him a step or two for it to register then if he didn't respond I put my left leg on him real hard and my right leg on his hip real hard to get him to move. After a few of these he started to follow his nose to the right alot better. While we were going down the road Jake got a little spooky due to kids in the yards and a back hoe being used near the road, But D. handled it without too much bother. We got to the water filled ditch and Jake went across D didn't hardly hesitate and walked right through. On the power line Jake was giving Lou a little trouble. I think he wanted to go faster and Lou was keeping the pressure on holding him back. Anyway D did real good, better than Jake. Then it was the trek through the woods behind my house. All went well there. It was when we got back to the barn that Jake really acted up. He had a vine snagged on his tail and when Lou turned his head to disengage he saw the vine and panicked a little. I told Lou to keep his head straight, stop him and get off quick. I don't think that D would have done that. I still have some holes to plug in Jake's training. Anyway, tomorrow Lou is going to begin working with D and ride him.

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