Sunday, November 1, 2009

Domino 19

It was a nice day, but windy, which is a good thing because it adds to the distractions. Distractions for a horse can be good because it offers one more opportunity to teach the horse it is best to focus on me despite what is going on around him. So the first thing I did was move him in a circle and work on transitions. He is getting better at the transitions with just subtle moves by me. His canter is still not the best but he transitions well to it he just doesn't want to stay in it. I can get him to go all the way around at least once and even that is getting better. I saddled him and worked on leg yields, c pattern exercise, shoulders and disengagement. He is getting pretty smooth at those. After about 20 min. or so I got on and wanted to just work on forward motion and transitions to trot and canter and staying on the circle. He has quite got that yet. We worked on lat. flexion using circle esses at the walk. He just doesn't like going around the circle with me on his back and keeping the forward motion is hard. If I am on the road he goes pretty good but not in the pen. Anyway I rode for about 30 min on him and then I think he decided to check out and kept fighting me. I worked on backup using my seat and legs a few times. Then I found a good place to quit, flexed him a bunch and stopped. After I took the bit off him I tried to get the halter on so I could take the saddle off. He walked away from me. I think he thought I was going to work him some more. Well, he made me. I couldn't just let him walk off so I had to really get after him 'cause he just wanted to hang around his stall area. Once he started going around the invisible circle again I let him stop and he stood while I took the saddle off. It added about 10 minutes to our time. By the way, this was yesterday about noon when I worked him.
Sharon n I went shopping later and then joined the grandkids for trunk-or-treat at a church in Holland in the evening. That was fun. Afterwards they had cider and hotdogs in the church then we went on a hay ride with them. It was a lot of fun. Madison was an angel, Kaity a fairy, and Zach a fireman, Lilly was Elmo or cookie monster, but she didn't get any candy. I went as guess what? A cowboy, but I forgot my chaps and spurs. :}
hope you all have a great day.

Well gotta get ready for church.

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