Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Domino 22

Today went pretty good. His owner was here to begin a series of sessions with me. I showed him the backup, shoulders over, disengagement. I even had Domino do some leg yields and side passes. Domino is doing good at these things. I got the tarp, umbrella and whip out. He stood calmly for those. I had a bag og pop cans and he did good with them. then I did some rd pen work with him, without the pen of course. He stayed with me on the circle. We did upwards and downwards transitions in both directions and he did good. Then I got on him. I flexed him. As I noted earlier he is bracey on the right, and pretty soft to the left. So I worked the right side. Then I moved him off and worked on lat. flexion at the walk. I am trying to get him to stay on the circle so have to do a lot of correcting with the rein, but I try not to use the rein if I don't have to. I had him transitioning from walk to trot with my seat and back to walk with my seat, even got a few stops with my seat and a little bit of rein. I asked for and got 3 -4 strides in a canter in both directions. When he did that I bent him to a stop and rewarded him with a rest. Then back at the trot with circle esses for lat. flexion. he still is stiff on the right so am working on that. We finished with a good 1 rein stop and backup and then flexing. He was better on the right side then I quit. We will go back at it tomorrow and see if we can get more improvement.

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