Thursday, November 12, 2009

Domino 27

Yesterday, the 11th, was the first day that Lou took over with Domino. I decided that since he was going home Saturday and Lou would be working with him it would be better for both if he started to work with him while I monitored it. That way he could connect with D and I could teach him what he needs to know so that he doesn't inadvertantly undo what I have spent 6 weeks trying to put into D. So he saddled him and began the ground work with him, backup, shoulders, disengaging, even lunging. Lou is getting better at it. He finally got it as far as lunging, being in the right position and basically riding him from the ground. It was neat to watch as I could tell he got it. I had him send him around and then do a one rein stop and disengagement and step back from the ground. Then he got on and rode him around a few minutes while I warmed up Jake. Then we went out and around the block through the water and down the power line behind my house and came back up through the woods. Domino did really well. He is a calm, quiet horse at this point. I am pleased with where he is at in his training. He still has a long ways to go to get soft enough to be moving off a leg and getting vertical flexion, but he is making progress. I will work with them today and tomorrow. Then the plan is to have a long ride onsome trails north of here for a couple hours on Saturday morning before taking him home.
It looks to be a beautiful day to ride today as the sun is out and blue sky shining.
For those deer hunters I saw a nice 6 point about 60 feet in back of my house yesterday morn. I could have taken him from my back porch. It was nice to see him calmly walk by. Probably the las time I will see him though.
have a great day.

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