Thursday, November 5, 2009

Domino 23

It was tough but I got r done. Yep! I laid him down. Here is how it went down. I saddled him with no problem then worked on a little on back up, shoulders, disengaging, leg yields, side pass, and sending him on a circle. Mostly that was to warm him up and get him mentally with me. Then I put the single hobble on him and made him to show him he could still move with his leg tied up. When he relaxed I let his leg down. I did the 3x and then put the 22' lead on him too so that I had 2 ropes like long reins on him. That was so that I could pull his head to the right while I stood to the rear on his left and had the left rope to keep him from swinging his butt all the way around to me. I asked him to give to the right and after a few minutes he went down on a knee. I released him then went back at it. He moved arouind alot. He did not want to surrender. So we were both wore out, but after several tries over the course of about 40 minutes he finally collapsed in a heap on his side. I just had to make sure his head stayed to the right and his body laid down to the left otherwise he could break his neck. I made him lay there for a good 15 minutes while I rubbed him all over. He tried to get up 3x but I just laid his head back down and let him relaxed. He took a couple deep breathes and about went to sleep. Finally, I made him get up and shake it off. I took the hobble off of him and the other lead rope and commenced to lunging him, took the lead rope off and lunged him some more. He surrendered faster than he ever has, indicating that by putting his head real low. I asked him to face me and he did. I rubbed him real good then put he bit in his mouth and got on him and flexed him and asked him to move off. He trotted a bit but was quick to slow down. I wasn't asking for transitions now anyhow as I only had about 10 minutes. I wanted to work on lat. softness at the walk getting him to follow his nose. He is getting better but still braces on the right side. I will continue to work on that each day. A couple noticeable changes: 1. he gave to me quicker on the circle by putting his head down. 2. When I walked up to him later after all was done, he turned and faced me. That was huge. I will see what happens tomorrow.
This surrender thing is a big deal. As a side note it is kinda like a kid who does what you want but inside they aren't. And it shows up in attitude. It is like this with us and God too. Your having troubles? Maybe God is trying to get you to surrender to His way. Until you do trouble is what your life is all about. But It is your choice. If this horse would simply trust me life would be alot easier for both of us. If we simply trust the Lord, believe in Him and obey His word, life will be alot easier for you too. See Romans 12:1,2 for more.
Fully surrendered to Him.

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