Saturday, March 6, 2010

day 22

I was able to get out with Raven today and really work alot with her. We went through the main tasks I needed to work on, like comeing toward me while I walk backwards. She did pretty good. I even got some leg yield steps on both sides just by pushing the air. I was able to ground drive her for about 20 minutes getting some good leg yields and real soft stops. I am even able to stand behind her and get her to swing one way or the other a few steps, that is getting her to leg yield one way or another as in a half moon, with me being the pivot point. Then I got on her and moved her through the mounted tasks. Then we got out on the road and went 3 miles working on softness, leg yield at walk and trot. I did lots of circles with her. She will get soft going in a circle but not so easily in a straight line. So we had to keep going back to the circle and then straighten out. We did most of this at the trot and we did some cantering around too. She really softened up and on the way back. I did alot of working on stopping with my seat at the walk and then the trot. I really want this 100% before I attempt to go bridleless. It is different out in the road then it is in the pen. There are all kinds of things that are distractions. So while the weather is good I am going to try to do most of my work with her out on the road. I like to use the corners for a nice area wide enough to do some good size circles.
We spent about 2 1/2 hours today and it was really refreshing.
Have a good evening. til next time.

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