Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just so you know I worked with Raven a little bit today. I am working mainly on the task in the horsemanship class where I ask her to walk toward me while I am walking backwards holding a flag stick in each hand. She is shaped to the left or right and I want her following me around a circle at a walk and a trot. I also want to have her leg yield in both directions by me pushing air or energy in the appropriate direction in time with her foot. I am getting there. She does well at the walk, but still working on the trot and then because of iciness I still have to be careful. I also ground drove her and she did the best yet and did leg yields in both directions. Again, I discovered it is about my position and about her being comfortable with me in her blind spot and showing up on the other side. It went really well. I quit on a good note with me driving her up to the barn.
Gotta  hit the hay.

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