Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 28

This was the day that I rode without using the rein at all during one of the tasks. I didn't have the guts to take it off, but I got a walk trot canter and back down. I also got stops from all three gaits and and ride forward 6 steps and back 6 steps all without using the rein at all. I am certain that I could have done it without the bridle but it is probably a little different for the horse too without a bridle on. She may think she has free rein- literally. Anyway I did the first 4 tasks of the horseman mounted course. Prior to this today I went through the ground school tasks and the invisible round pen tasks but two or three. I haven't yet had the horse canter around me, task 7 in invisible round pen. And I have yet to lead her by the lip and ear task 6 of ground school. Nor the obstacle course task 4. But I made lots of progress in LY toward me and away from me today. I would say it was a good time. As Tom Dorrance used to say, 'any ride in which your hat doesn't come off is a successful ride.' I second that.

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