Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 24

Yesterday I had some time to get out and work with Raven and tromp through the mud. There was alot of it. I worked with her basically on Ground driving and getting her to leg yield in both directions and stop and back up with softness. I then worked on getting her to leg yield while I stood at the fence and she shuffled one way or the other without moving me off the fence.
I also was working on her sticking with me at liberty at the walk or trot. She does pretty good at this. I then moved on to having her move with me while I backed away and had her leg yield to the right or left. What I am working toward is the task where I have to have her leg yield toward me without a halter. We are not there yet. She leg yields away from me alright with a halter. I still need to refine that without a halter and then work on getting her to move toward me sideways/leg yield. Once I can do that really good and have her stopping with my seat in the saddle at a walk or trot, then I will be ready to move on to the mounted class in this leve. I worked with her for a little over an hour yesterday and to tell you the truth, I ran out of time. So I didn't even get to ride her. However, the ground work is fun and makes riding all the more easier and soft. If I can't get her to do these movements from the ground I definitely won't be able to from the saddle. So I have to keep working and playing and trying and it will come.

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