Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More progress

First off, the horse deal doesn't seem to be working out. Lot's to do with that one even if I wanted to keep it.
On on another note, I took some advice from my friend Jaime and did more riding than ground work today. However, I did get the LY toward me really good on the left side and pretty good on the right side. She sticks with me pretty good now. I wanted to ride most of the time today so I did. I worked on worked on stops and back up without using rein at w, t, c in both directions and she did really good at w and t but needs more work at canter. However, I rarely used the rein at all while riding and I rode for probably 30 m or more. Then I used the flag while riding, again without the rein and even directed her with it. Next time I will introduce the second flag and if she handles that good then it will be time to take off the bridle. I find that sometimes the session goes alot better and there is more progress when I just slow things down a bit in my own body and agenda. So we had a good session. I am planning to start Jake in the next day or so to see how far I can get him in 30 days.

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