Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 27

Well, you never know what you are going to get from day to day with a horse. Yesterday seemed like somewhat of a setback. But tonite was alot better. That is the way it goes in working with horses. One day can seem like a flop and the next a great success. Tonite I determined to just go out and be calm and relaxed. I saddled her and started to work with basic things she knows, did some lunging in invisible pen just a little bit. I then side passed her around the perimeter of the pen in both directions and then thought I wonder how she will do if I try to get to LY towards me. And she did it. I took it one or two steps at a time the length of my fence and then back and did that a couple times. I even had her moving towards me and LY. She did pretty good at this so then I ground drove her and refined that better. I am getting the hang of LY and turns and so on. We worked on 180 degree LY with me being the pivot point. She stops real soft, no pressure on the lines at all and backs real good too. Then I got in the saddle did some spins and lots of walking circles then moved up to trot and canter. WE have the softness thing down, it is usually me that is the problem. We did some lead departures and keeping in frame with her. That was alot of fun. I cooled her out doing some stops and LY in both directions. This all took about an hour and half. You know to go through all the tasks in the course would probably take a good couple of hourse to complete.
But I still am not close to bridleless riding. I have to get some of this other stuff refined. But I would say the next month or two of solid work and we will be doing it.
Til next time. May God bless the trails you ride.

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