Friday, March 26, 2010

one more ride

I was out there yesterday and worked with Raven on LY toward me. She does really good on one side, so worked the other side until she gave me one good one without having to use the suggest cue. Then bridled her up and rode her for 45 min or an hour. I wanted to work on a haunches in,but had to get her real soft in my hands. I kept changing things up on her and finally went to work on the haunches in. I spent probably 20 minutes just trying to get that and was getting more and more frustrated so would try something she knew and then went back at it. Still couldn't get. I was up to Jaime's this afternoon and he showed me 3 exercises to do to help achieve this. Then I did it on his horse Joker and got a feel for what it feels like. So the next time I work on this I know what to feel for. Anyway I was able to drop off the course to the lady I borrowed it from and got back in time to see a lady who is in the hospital and take Sharon out dinner.
Been a good day!

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