Wednesday, August 8, 2012

43rd training day

It was more of the same with the boys today.
I got Robbie out and worked on his hind legs a bunch. Then I saddled him and ground drove him with one rein again. I want to make sure he is being soft with the bit and following his nose. All the while I was slinging the whip around his hind feet, butt and hocks to mimic the long reins. He didn't kick out at it but when I stopped and did it he would kick out. I would keep it up until he relaxed. However, he still would kick out when I started again. I think tomorrow I will drive him, then stop and wrap the whip or lead around his leg and if he kicks out I will make him move and see if that works any better.
Darkstar was better about coming out, even coming out of his stall without being asked. Then I did as yesterday for about 30 minutes, lots of rubbing and standing interrupted by asking him to follow me. He did this pretty good, again he was at liberty and all it took was a kiss from me and he would come. Then I put the bridle on him and flexed him with the rein and did some YH YF and forward on a circle at the walk. We did that a bunch from both sides interrupted by long pauses and lots of rubbing. I found another spot in front of his withers where he has muscle tension. It is probably from carrying his head high all his life and not moving balanced. It will make it difficult for him to give me vertical flexion because he would be so weak from under use of the muscles along the topline. But at the end I flexed him and then with shape right or left I asked for vertical. I worked both sides, didn't get alot, but a few times he got soft. This also explains why he is not soft vertically when I am driving him. On the other hand, Robbie is really soft while driving with one rein, even offering vertical flexion.
We will start again tomorrow.

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