Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day 51

This was a new day. I came at it with the desire to have Karen, the horses owner begin to observe and even help me with the training of thes guys. And low and behold, she must have been thinking the same thing because when I arrived yesterday she and I talked and she had the same thinking in mind. So we started with Star. I went through my routine with him and then toward the end I had her lead Star around while I sat on top of him. This was her suggestion. My only concern was that if things got out of hand and she had to let go the rope then there is a lead rope dragging the ground too. But it all worked out well. She led me a few steps then stopped and then just increased so more steps. It worked pretty good.
Robbie was a similar track. I worked him while she observed and then at the end I got on him and had him disengage his hindquarters a few times in each direction. Then we quit.
Today we will do a similar thing with both horses.

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