Thursday, August 30, 2012

day 59

Today was a good time with the horses. They were relaxed through most of the session. Robbie I was able to get to move a little more. He keeps throwing his head and like I said before I think that is because I might be on his mouth more than I think. So today, I was noticeably not on his mouth and that helped some. Every time I asked for him to move off, though, he still threw his head around and then would relax when we stopped. I was able to get him to move and able to get him to YH and YF more and to be vertically soft a little more. Darkstar made a noticeable improvement today. I moved him a bit and then saddled him and after a short stint at going through some of the exercises I got on him and flexed and at first he would only take a step then stop. But that kept increasing so that I was able to finally get him to walk a bit circle to the right and to the left. That is what we stopped on because that was huge for him. He was not nearly as skittish as in the past. I also was able to get him soft at a standstill vertically. He seemed to take to it real easy. Now it is just getting the forward movement from both of them and then able to trust them enough to move out on a loose rein and only use the rein when I want to get them into posture to make a movement like a YH or YF or to walk balanced. Right now neither of them move balanced with me on their back. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better.

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