Thursday, August 16, 2012

day 49

well the storms went through. Thankful for an indoor arena.
I worked with Star first. I saddled him and went outside to the pond. The storm was just rolling in so didn't have alot of time on the shore, but did get him to come near the water rather quickly. We went back in when the rain hit. I then pulled out the tarp and worked on his spookiness by putting the tarp on him and over the lead rope. He did really well with that. It seems that it is the things that he can't see that scare him the most. Then I got the long lines out and flexed him and then ground drove him some. He still needs work on being soft with the bit. He is soft with the lead, but not the bit. I need to work on that much more.
Robbie did well today also. I had no trouble putting the saddle on him or putting the bridle on. I had him go over the tarp and sacked him out with that too. Then I put the reins on him and ground drove him the rest of our time. He seeks out softness with the bit. I practiced having him flex vertically and he is catching it. I also went through the transitions of walk and trot and stop. He is getting much better with driving him. I am even seeking a little collection when he is moving forward. So we finished up with driving him in a relaxed walk doing some serpentines and then we quit.

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