Friday, August 3, 2012

day 21

Ok, I got Robbie off to a good start. He didn't want to come out and play but with a little coaxing he decided to join me. I knew he needed a little attitude adjustment, just a tiny one so when He wouldn't stand to be saddle got his feet moving and backing and sidepassing and YH YF and so on then when I offered to let him stand he was just fine with that. I go the saddle on him and moved him around a bit. I really wanted to play with his back feet and legs because of the ruckus the other day when I was driving him. So I circled him and just kept the whip laying up against his feet and around them and letting it get caught in his croup. I did this from both sides until he was nice and calm. Then I used my long lead to wrap around his hind foot and pulled. He didn't like it much but with a lot of patience and persistence I got it so I could lift his hind foot and set it forward. In fact  I was leading him by his hind foot. I did it on the other side too. Then I did the same thing with his front feet. He finally quit his kicking and relaxed and let me pick up any of his feet with the rope. That was enough for today.
I will review on Monday and try to drive him again.
Star was too playful today. He didn't want to stay with me so I YH YF at liberty then he decided to get away from me so I made him move and then asked him to stay with me. Then I played the yo yo game with him but with an intensity level of about a 10. If he wanted to backup I backed him up farther and faster and when I asked for coming forward I asked for faster, but then whenhe got to me he rested a good while. We did that quite a while until he was practically running to me when I asked. Then I got the saddle on him and acted like a crazy man on his back and he stood for me. There were a couple times he spooked but he didn't go far before he settled down. Then I ground drove him in both directions getting a walk, trot, canter. I did lots of flexing with him and letting him rest next to me. He did real good.

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